About Us

We specialise in identifying large distressed buildings that can be renovated and have the potential to be redesigned, re-classified and then sold on as investment assets that ultimately help provide solutions to the current housing crisis in the UK. By specialising in finding existing structures such as commercial buildings and converting them into residential housing we are a creating an environmentally friendly solution to the housing shortages in key areas.


Our Commitment

Gain Consultants Ltd invests, on an equity basis, in every project undertaken. The balance (of project’s funding needs) is typically borrowed from specialised property financing institutions. We also offer cross collateralisation on certain projects and other methods of helping equity holders spread risk.

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Current Demand

Local Authorities, registered social landlords and care providers around the UK are currently pre-disposed to responsible redevelopment as they seek to address the well documented housing shortage, we work closely with these entities in order to help fulfil their requirements through homes England as an ‘IP’ (Homes England Investment Partner)

This gives Gain Consultants, our lenders and equity holders the security and certainty of ‘forward purchased agreement ‘exit against a turbulent market. Clearly we also market and sell high end units through agents on the open market too as well as auction and buy to let investors where required and relevant.

Our Future Goals

We are aiming to produce 8-12 projects for the year April 21-22 and increase on a rolling basis, so there are options as to which specific deal will interest you, or we can discuss lending on more of a portfolio basis if that is your preferred option.

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Investment and Career Opportunities

We have multiple opportunities currently available at Gain Consultants Ltd, we have the ability and funding to be able to partner up with property owners and develop the site and share in the potential upside of the project.  We have opportunities to offer equity in deals or senior secured development finance where the debt holder has the first charge on the asset.

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